Make Cinema Registration

Make Cinema Registration

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Rules and Regulations:

  • Only students under the age of 18 can participate.
  • Only films made after 1 January 2018 are eligible to apply.
  • Films can be animation, documentary, live-action, music video or any other cinematographic format.
  • In case of a film made by a group of students together, a maximum of 15 names can be given per film entry.
  • The Film Credits should be mentioned clearly, especially: Director, Actors/ Actresses, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound and Music Designer, Art Director.
  • Only the Director of the Film will be eligible to participate as a Child Juror in IKFF or other Film Festivals.
  • Each entry should have names of TWO other prominent cast/ crew members. In case the Director is unable to be on the Child Jury, we will offer the Child Jury opportunity to the other two cast/crew members.
  • Only students above the age of 13 years are eligible to travel as a part of IKFF Delegation.

Submission guidelines:

  • Once ready, upload the film on Vimeo or YouTube. Make sure the link is private and password protected.
  • Click on the Form given. Go through the form carefully and fill out all of the details as required.